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The incorporated House of Industry is at Tattingstone, 5+ miles SSW of Ipswich, nearly in the centre of the 28 parishes which were incorporated under Gilbert's Act, for the support of their poor, in 1764. 

The corporation of guardians, or overseers, still exist in their
original form, though they act in conformity with most of the provisions of the new poor law. The sum originally borrowed for the erection of the House of Industry was 8250, & the building was finished in 1766, for the accommodation of 500 paupers, many of whom were employed in spinning worsted yarn, for the Norwich manufacturers, till hand spinning was superseded by machinery. 

Some alteration were made in the house in 1819 & 1837, for the better classification of the inmates, of whom the average number is about 220. The number in the house, when the census was taken, in 1821, was 319; in 1831, 310; & in 1841, 191. They were all well lodged, clothed & fed, under the superintendence of Mr William & Mrs Catchpole, the master & matron. The former is also clerk to the corporation.
Source: White Directory 1844 - p 244/5
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

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