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Embraces an area of 119 sq miles, & its average annual expenditure for the relief of its poor, during the 3 years preceding the formation of
the Union in 1835, was 26,449; though in 1838 it was only 17,526, & in 1840, 15,745. 

The Workhouse is at Sudbury, & is a large brick building, erected in 1836-7, on the site of a smaller one, which belonged to the 3 united parishes of Sudbury. It has room for 350 inmates, but has seldom more than 250, & in summer, only about 200.  

Richard Mapletoft esq is chairman & N C Barnardiston esq, vice chairman, of the Board of Guardians. Mr William Harvey is governor of the Workhouse; Edmund Stedman esq, union clerk & supt.registrar. The Relieving Officers are, Mr F W Ellis (Melford); Mr S Ramscar (Bulmer);
Mr R Pratt (Bures); & Mr W Steggles (Sudbury).
Source: White Directory 1844 - p 537
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

Nayland Workhouse

An inventory of items at Nayland Workhouse, 8 May 1739

An acct of the Household and other goods belonging to the parish of Nayland now in the Workhouse, taken by Richard HOLLAND, Robert PARTRIDGE and Mr Wm. WRIGHT.

In the Dwelling House
A pair Coal Grates, hangar a firepan, fender trainmel, a poker and sifter, a Gridge Iron, Box Iron and 2 beaters, 1 candle stick, an oven Lidd of iron and a heater stove, a deal dresser and a joint stool.

a kneeding trough, a meal hutch, a Yarm hutch, 2 powdering tubs, 2 Flower Firkins, a Meat Firkin, and a large Pott, 4 Seives, a hanging shelf, and two others a Strinking board, a meal sack and a leather bagg, 3 earthen dishes and a Pott.

Brewing Copper and 2 Copper Lidds with Irons and a Large Boyler hung with a brass Lidd to boyl with coales,  1 Tubb 2 Washkeelers a dish basket, 15 Wooden dishes, 4 Milk Potts, 9 Earthen Plates, 4 Pudding Panns, A Frying Pann, 9 tronsers, a Hogg Pourer, 2 Washing Steels, 1 Skillet and 2 saucepans 1 Loy 1Dresser a Water Trough.

A Livery Cupboard, a Press Cupboard, a Mash tubb, and 6 work tubbs 3 half hands a Funnel Filder, 2 Paylor, a Hanging shelf, 2 beer stalls, 2 Firkins and a jett.

In the passage
two Swill tubbs an Iron shovel a spade and a rake, a Peal a Linning horse and a hair line.

In the Working Room
A large hutch a Long Dresser a Long Table 2 Fourms 2 short Fourms and a chair a pair of coal racks, Sifter a pair of bellows, a Grid Iron a Trivet a Warming Pan 12 Wheels and 2 Reels.

First Room
A large Hutch

2nd Do
4 bedd steds and bedds 6 Blankets and bolsters, a large Wicker Chair

3rd d'
4 bedd steads and bedds bolsters 6 Blankets 3 cover Lidds and a Square Box.

4th d'
4 Bedd Steds 4 Bedds 4 bolsters 4 Blankets and 3 Cover Lidds

13 pair of Sheets and 5 Towels

In 1749 the residents were as follows:
Wm COMAN            Charles FOX
Wid. GOSNALL             Charles CARTER
Eleanor SWAN             Abra. CARTER
Ann THURSTON             Mary THURSTON
Susan MILLER             Hannah SWAN
Mgt. BYFORD              Sarah CARTER
Eliz. BYFORD             Mary HOW
John DYER           Thomas FOX
Henry GUSTERSON          Susan SWAN
John PEARTREE            Mary THURSTONE

Source: Nayland Workhouse compiled by Andy Kerridge

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