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The Union Workhouse, which had 187 inmates in 1841 & 157 in 1831, is in Nacton Parish, & was built in 1756, at the cost of 4800, as a workhouse for the paupers of the 28 parishes of Colneis & Carlford Hundreds, which were incorporated for the maintenance of their poor, by an act of 29 George 11. To these 28 parishes, 18 others have been added by the New Poor Law Commissioners, Woodbridge & Charsfield on Loes Hundred, & 16 of the 17 parishes of Wilford Hundred. 

The 46 united parishes now bear the name of the Woodbridge Union, though the workhouse is 8 miles SSW of the town of Woodbridge, which returns 4 guardians, but each of the other parishes only 1. The population of the Union, in 1841, was 23,015. The number of paupers relieved during the quarter ending March 17, 1843, was 575 in-door, & 2431 out-door, of whom about 1100 were children. 

The expenditure for the relief of the poor, during the same quarter, was 3072. The average weekly cost, per head, of each pauper in the Workhouse, is 2s.0+d for food, & 5+d for clothing. 

Mr John Constable is master of the Workhouse, which stands in a healthy situation, & has accommodations for 350 inmates. Mrs Constable is the matron, & Rev W Elston, chaplain. The Guardians meet at the Board Room, in Woodbridge, every Monday morning.
Source: White Directory 1844 - p 119
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

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