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Newhaven Union

The Union workhouse contains 50 inmates.
Post Office 1846 - p 695  
Submitted by Betty Longbottom


The East Sussex Record Office
The Maltings
Castle Precinct
East Sussex
Tel: (01273) 482349

Newhaven Records 
(Bishopstone, East Blatchington, Denton, Falmer, South Heighton, Iford, Kingston, Newhaven, Ovingdean, Piddinghoe, Rodmell, Rottingdean, Southease, Stanmer, Tarring Neville, Telscombe): minutes, 1835-1930; 
Finance and General Purposes Committee minutes, 1907-1928; 
House Committee minutes, 1928-1930; 
general ledgers, 1835-1928; 
parochial ledgers, 1854-1927; 
Clerk's letter book, 1835-1841; 
admission and discharge registers, 1836-1947; 
registers of births, 1866-1946; 
registers of deaths, 1836-1944; 
indoor relief lists, 1937-1942; 
Medical Officer's reports, 1907; 
registers of inmates, 1930-1944; 
creed registers, 1895-1944; 
offenses and punishment books, 1864-1947; 
registers of addresses of paupers' friends, 1899-1930; 
bathing register (blank), 1942; 
medical examination book (infants and children), 1930-1935; 
certificates for detention of lunatics in the workhouse, 1887-1930; 
Medical Officer's report for the detention of a poor person suffering from mental or bodily disease, 1907; 
Chaplain's report book, 1933-1941; 
Medical Officer's report books, 1901-1945; 
Master's report books and journals, 1921-1944; 
Matron's report book, 1914-1919; 
Master's day books, 1931-1938; 
Master's receipt and payment books, 1927-1947; 
pig and farm accounts, 1915-1947; 
stone accounts, 1898-1916; 
inventory book, 1915; 
bedding, crockery and linen accounts, 1936-1938; 
clothing materials receipt and conversion book, 1938-1941; 
daily number of meals provided, 1936-1938; 
alcohol book, 1919; 
extra tea, sugar and milk account, 1917; 
weekly net account of provisions received and issued from stores, 1936-1938; 
provisions receipt and consumption book, 1931-1932; 
summary and balance of provisions receipt and consumption account, 1929-1932; 
necessaries and miscellaneous account, 1915-1938; 
casual paupers admission and discharge registers, 1940-1949; 
Medical Officer's record of monthly visits to casual wards, 1935-1939; casuals daily provisions account, 1937-1939; 
Assessment Committee minutes, 1862-1927; 
School Attendance Committee minutes, 1894-1903

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