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Alderbury Union

Alderbury Poor Law Union was declared 28th September 1835, with the addition of the parishes of Earldoms, Langley Wood and Old Sarum on 12th October 1858. The area of the Union in 1861 was 52,660 with a population of 14,770.

The Union Workhouse is situated in the Parish of Britford. The Board of Guardians meet alternate Fridays at 11am at the Workhouse, which is a building of brick and slate erected in 1869 and will accommodate 340 inmates.

Officers in 1889
Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee, Francis Hodding.
Collectors to the Guardians, Relieving and Vaccination Officers:
No. 1 District, William Reid
No. 2 District, Edward Fowkes Norton
No. 3 District, William George Newberry
Superintendent Registrar, Francis Hodding

Workhouse Staff in 1889
Rev. Henry Briggs, Chaplain
Arthur Powell Stark, Medical Officer
William Robert Wickes, Master
Mrs Emma Wickes, Matron
Miss Elizabeth Murton, Schoolmistress

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