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Kings Norton Workhouse

Following the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 Kings Norton Union was declared 16th November 1836. The Union continued to utilise the Parish Workhouse situated opposite Kings Norton Green.

King's Norton Union workhouse - Competition
The Guardians of King's Norton Union, Worcestershire, have selected the designs of Mr. E.Holmes, architect, for the new workhouse to be erected at Selly Oak. The estimated cost is about 18,000.

The plans have already been approved by the Poor Law Board, and tenders are to be at once advertised for. This is the ninth successive competition this architect has of late been engaged upon, in each of which, (as we are informed) he has been more or less signally successful.
Source: The Builder 1869 Vol XXVII 19th June 1869 p.489
Submitted by Alan Longbottom.

The new Workhouse was erected 1870 at Selly Oak from designs by Edward Holmes, architect. The road known as "Workhouse Lane" was later renamed Raddlebarn Road. 


Map of Kings Norton Workhouse and Infirmary 1904
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Rossbret 2004
Picture of Workhouse entrance gate
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Rossbret 2004

Children's Cottage Homes were erected at Shenley Fields in the 1880's, and a large Nurses Home was erected on Raddlebarn Road in 1905 being named "Woodlands".

Selly Oak Hospital and Infirmary, formerly Poor Law Institutions, lying a short distance south of the Bristol Road. The Hospital is now a General Municipal Hospital containing 500 beds and is divided into general medical, general surgical, ear, nose and throat, accident, gynaecological, urological, obstetrical and children's sections; there are completely equipped pathological and bio chemical and laboratories, X-ray, electro therapeutic, massage, Ultra Violet ray and electro cardiographic departments. The hospital is a training School for Nurses recognised by the General Nursing Council. The Infirmary adjoining is a Municipal Hospital for chronic diseases, exclusive of tuberculosis and has 667 beds.
Source: An extract from a book called 'The Story of Selly Oak' by Francis W Leonard dated 1933 reads:
Submitted by Kenneth Johnson

Selly Oak Hospital has under gone many changes, but it's future is now in doubt as a future Birmingham Hospital. 

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Records are held by Worcester Record Office, County Hall, Spetchley Road, Worcester. WR5 2NP 

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