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Kingston on Hull Incorporation was formed under an Act of Parliament (5 Geo. 4, c.13) and comprised Kingston upon Hull Holy Trinity and St Mary. The Workhouse was erected 1851 to 1852 from designs by Henry F. Lockwood and William Mawson, architects.

The Hull Workhouse, on the Anlaby Road, was erected in 1852 at a cost of 15,000, and is of red brick with stone dressings, in the Italian style, and includes a dining hall, 80ft by 40ft, and capable of dining 500 persons at one time, two infirmaries, board room, chapel, kitchen and a building for cutting up timber, erected at a cost of 800. The boardroom contains portraits of the late Alderman Fountain and Councillor Wheatley. The wards are well ventilated and there are beds for 760 inmates. There are also nurses' homes and ornamental gardens, the whole covering 6 and a half acres of land. The Union comprises the parish of Holy Trinity and St Mary.
Master - Jesse CHANCE, F.R.G.S.; 
Matron - Mrs Eliza CHANCE; 
Medical officer - S.R. HENSON M.R.C.S., L.S.A.; 
Assistant master - H.R. CREWDSON; 
Assistant matron - Mrs. H. ALLEN; 
Chaplain - Rev. C.O. STEWART, B.A.
Population in 1901 of 82, 679
Source: Submitted by Andy Kerridge

9th Report 1843 of the Poor Law Commissioners with Appendices 557 pp
Appendix A Reports of Assistant Commissioners pp 81-376
Submitted by Alan Longbottom

Appendix A No 2 - XI pp 316-337
Report on the Administration of Relief to the Poor of Kingston- upon Hull by the Hon Charles St Clements, Assistant Poor Law Commissioner.
p 336-7 

Return of the Officers employed Dec 1842

Thorney John Solicitor 100 p.a.
Wallis Edward Surgeon 100 p.a.
Moxon John Clerk 180 p.a.
Settle Thos H Assistant Clerk 100 p.a.
Lee John Assistant Overseer/Collr 80 p.a.
Henderson Wm Assistant Overseer/Collr 80 p.a.
Briggs Harrison Master of Workhouse 50 p.a.
Smithson Ann Matron of Workhouse 30 p.a.
Riby J R Schoolmaster  - - -
Reed Sarah Matron of boys/girls estab 20 p.a.
Barber Rebecca Schoolmistress 15 p.a.
Hart Charles Relieving Officer 52 p.a.
Colton John Vagrant officer 60 p.a.
Blizard Rev J Catechist 17-10-0 p.a.
Hampshire Thomas Pay Agent for Paupers 5-5-0 p.a.

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