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Barnsley Poor Law Union was declared 28th December 1849, and the Workhouse erected 1852 from designs by Henry F. Lockwood and William Mawson, architects.

The union workhouse is an extensive building, erected in 1852, at a cost of about 6000; it is capable of affording accommodation for 300 inmates.
Source: Slater Directory 1864 - p 8
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

Barnsley - proposal for new infirmary
At a recent meeting of the local Board of Guardians the clerk read a letter from the Poor Law Board on the subject of workhouse hospital accommodation, recommending the guardians to take into consideration as early as practicable the erection of an entirely new infirmary, detached from the main building. A committee was appointed to take the matter into consideration, with power to consult an architect, and report to a future meeting of the Board.
Source: The Builder 1868 Vol XXVI 11th July 1868 p.519
Submitted by Alan Longbottom

Barnsley Union Statement of Accounts year ended 25th Mar 1856

p 3 Officers of the Workhouse 

Schoolmistress Anne Bevitt  Salary 17-9-8d
Schoolmaster W R Pearson  Salary 30-10-0d 
Schoolmistress Hannah Woodhead  Salary 1-17-7d

p 9 Lunatic Asylum Account

By Wakefield Lunatic Asylum 431-17-2d
By Dunnington House Asylum 21-13-4d
Total 453-10-6d

p 16 In Door Relief List 

Darton  Joseph Charlesworth   49 Days 

pp 20-34 Out Door Relief List

Ardsley District

Charlesworth Wm wife & 5 children loss of hand 4

Barnsley West District

Acklam Martha & Child deserted 1-14-0d
Banks Hannah deserted 5- 4-0d
Collings Mary Ann & 4 children deserted 10- 8-0d
Caffery Ellen & 3 children deserted 7-16-0d
Empsall Mary Anne deserted 1-15-0d
Charlesworth Sarah infirmity 6-10-0d
Smeaton Ann deserted 1-11-5d
Sidebottom Jane deserted 17-10d
Smith Ann + child deserted 17-6d
Walmsley Eliz + 2 children husband trans 7-16-0d
Woodruffe Martha + 3 children deserted 6-10-0d
Woodiwiss Robert deserted 12-0d
Woodiwiss William deserted 12-0d
Woodiwiss Ellen deserted 12-0d

Barnsley East District

Adams Esther + 3 children deserted 12- 4-8d
Davidson Sarah + 1 child deserted 5-6d
Gillespie Mary Ann deserted 14-3d
Mooney Mary + 3 children deserted 4-10-6d
Miller Mary + 3 children deserted 4- 7-0d
Rogers Mary + 2 children deserted 1-15-6d

Hoyland Nether District

Wood Ann + 4 children deserted 15-12-0d
Robinson Bridget + 2 children  deserted 12-0d

Barugh District

Harrison Elizth + 6 children  deserted 3- 3-0d
Darton Taylor Elizth + 1 child  deserted 1-19-0d

Dodworth District

Robinson Elizabeth deserted 5-0d
Pickering Margaret deserted 3- 1-6d
Hobson Sarah + 2 children  deserted 10-0d
Archer Caroline + 3 children  deserted 6-0d

Monk Bretton District

Rodwell Sarah + 2 children  deserted 6-14-4d
Wood Ann + 5 children deserted 1-12-6d
Smith Ann + 1 children deserted 2-6d

Royston District

Ashton Ann + 2 children  deserted 4- 7-0d

Wombwell District

Ashton Ann + 2 children  deserted 4- 7-0d

Worsbrough District

Clarke Christiana + 2 children  deserted 7-14-0d
Robinson Bridget + 2 children deserted 5- 6-6d
Leatham Mary + 2 children deserted 2- 3-6d
Hardman Eliza + 3 children deserted 1- 3-0d

Common Union Fund - West 

Barnsley Acklam Martha + 1 child deserted 2-0d
Barnsley Atkinson Caroline + 1 child deserted 8-0d
Barnsley Bell Ellen + 1 child deserted 3-0d
Monk Bretton Birch Mary Ann deserted 15-11d
Barnsley Crawford Mgt + 3 children deserted 15-0d
Barnsley Charlesworth Ellen + 2 children deserted 18-0d
Barnsley Dufty Charlotte deserted 5- 8-0d
Barnsley Edwards Mary + 2 children  deserted 6-0d
Barnsley Lynch Catherine + 5 children  deserted 1-10-0d
Barnsley McGee Mary + 1 child deserted 1- 1-0d
Barnsley Rey Esther + 2 children deserted 5-19-0d
Barugh Sprout Elizth + 2 children deserted 3-0d
Barnsley Thornton Alice deserted 4-12-6d
Barnsley Tuton Ann + 2 children deserted 5- 4-0d

Common Union Fund - East

Ardsley Cummings Ann + 1 child deserted 1-6d
Worsbrough Christopher Susan + 4 children  deserted 15- 5-6d
Barnsley Marshall Isabella deserted 6-0d
Barnsley Rogers Bridget + 2 children deserted 2-15-3d
Ardsley Siddans Sarah + 4 children deserted 2-0d
Barnsley West Sarah  deserted 8-13-0d

Source: Subject: Barnsley Poor law 1856
submitted by Alan Longbottom

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