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Bradford Union Workhouse

Bradford Poor Law Union was declared 21st January 1837.

Bradford Union comprises of the townships of Bradford, 
Horton, Manningham and Bowling, 
About 5800 acres - there was an increase in population from 43,527 in 1831; to 66,718 in 1841; & to 103,782 souls in 1851. 

Bradford Union Workhouse is at Little Horton, & was built by Messrs Lockwood & Mawson. It is a spacious, handsome, & admirably arranged building, & stands upon 14 acres of land, purchased at the cost of 4000. It has room for about 350 inmates, & attached to it is a spacious infirmary. 

The guardians meet in the boardroom every Friday at 10 morning. Mr John Darlington is the union clerk; Mr Fdk & Mrs Tinker are master & matron of the Workhouse; & the relieving officers are Messrs Jonas Booth & Jonas Jennings. The assistant overseers are Messrs W W Barlow for Bradford; B Crabtree for Horton; Jas Ellis for Bowling; & G B Crowther for Manningham.
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