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Huddersfield Poor Law Union and Workhouse

Huddersfield Union, formed in1837, under the New Poor Law, comprises the four parishes of Huddersfield,  Almondbury,  Kirkburton, Kirkheaton, which include 33 townships, which increased their population from 88,772 in 1831, to 108,919 souls in 1841, & to 123,843 in 1851. 

The Board of Guardians meet at the Board Room, in Albion Street, & consists of 37 persons, of whom five are elected yearly for Huddersfield, & one for each of the other townships. 

The five old Workhouses at Huddersfield, Almondbury, Golcar, Honley & Kirkheaton, are still used by this populous union, & have room for 244 inmates. The union expended in supporting the poor & the payment of salaried etc 21,614 in 1843, & 15,431 in 1851, exclusive of county rates. 

Mr C S Floyd is the union clek & superintendent registrar; & the following are the relieving
Bj Whitley for Huddersfield District; 
Abm Meller for Holmfirth District; 
Stephen Washington for Kirkburton District; 
Thos Wood for Golcar District. 
The master & matrons of the Workhouses are:- Mr J Berry & Mrs Broadley at Huddersfield; 
Mr J Dean at Almondbury; 
Mr J Haigh at Golcar; 
Mrs Brittlebank at
Mrs Mottershead at Kirkheaton.
WHITE'S 1853 CLOTHING DISTRICTS OF YORKSHIRE  p.594; Submitted by Betty Longbottom


Honley is included in the Poor Law Union of Huddersfield, & during the year 1862, a new workhouse was built at Deanhouse, in the township of Honley, called the Holmfirth District Workhouse; the building has a handsome exterior, & is the largest of its kind in the union.
Slater Directory 1864 - p 201
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

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