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Ripon Union Workhouse

Ripon Poor Law Union was declared 6 October 1852. The Workhouse was erected 1854 from designs by William Perkin and Elisha Backhouse, architects. An Infirmary Block was added 1897-99. The National Health Service was introduced in 1948 and the workhouse buildings became Sharow View, for Elderly Care. They are now used by Social Services. The Casual Wards have now been converted into Ripon Workhouse Museum.

Absconded from Littlethorpe near Ripon - Mark Hornby alias Kirby, leaving his wife and family chargeable to the said Township.
He stands upwards of six feet high, has Black Hair, curled at the Front, Dark Brown Eyes, and fresh Colour in the Face.
Had on when he left his Wife, a Fustain Jacket, White Worsted Breeches, Black Waistcoat, Yellow Kerseymere Gaiters, bound with Black Leather, and Strong Half-boots; he may be dressed in a Blue Frock Coat, with Waistcoat striped with Orange and Green, or a Scarlet striped one, which Clothes he took away with him.
He walks upright and is well made and a good looking man about the age of Thirty. He left his wife and house on Wednesday morning last, in the Company with another Man's Wife, and a Young Child by the  York Coach from Ripon, and took the Packet from thence to Hull.
She is a Middle-aged Woman not very stout, but Fresh coloured in the Face and Young, dressed in a plain Scarlet Worsted Gown, Blue Cotton Shawl, bordered with Yellow and Green, Leghorn Bonnet with Scarlet Ribbon. Her name is Mary Hornby, and her Child's name William, turned a Year Old.
Mark Kirby has some Relatives of the name of Merryweather in York. Any Person apprehending the above Mark Kirby, and lodging him in any of His Majesty's Goals, shall receive One Guinea Reward, on Application to the Overseers of the Poor for the Township of Whitecliffe-with-Thorpe near Ripon.
Dated 3rd March 1829

Spelling as in the original - e.g. fustain and goals
Source:  From The Leeds Intelligencer Newspaper 12th March 1829
Transcribed by Alan Longbottom

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